Client Speak

"We could show the landing portal even to our Wi-Fi & Mi-Fi users"
"For the first time we could engage with our entire subscriber base"
"Started targeting precise user segments for various VAS & Upgrades"

What is WebsiteForever?

The WebsiteForever Subscriber engagement, analytics and communication platform is a proven & time tested solution for the Telecom operators and Internet Service Providers to connect and engage with their subscribers connecting through Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi, Dongle and Wired Broadband. Key components of the Platform include ...

  • A landing portal shown to all subscribers at periodic pre-determined interval acting as a constant touch point with the subscribers helping them to engage like never before
  • In-Depth Analytics helps in data-driven decision making through analytics based on Subscriber login, Subscriber behaviour and Content usage leading to increased subscriber engagement
  • Effective Communication through in-built Real-time triggers and alerts and ability to target different subscriber segments with appropriate offers to achieve higher conversion for promos and campaigns
  • Traffic Monetization through Integrated Revenue models helps in additional revenue stream for the Telecom Operators and ISPs

Key Benefits

Website Forever offers a host of Benefits to Telecom and Internet Service Providers cutting across various departments including Marketing , Brand Communication, Customer Acquisition, Support, Customer Lifecycle Management, Billing, VAS etc. Some of the key benefits are

Increase in On-time Recharges and Bill Payments

Through display of Account Information and Real-time on screen alerts for Recharges and Bill Payment dates

Effectively Communicate with Subscribers Leading to Huge Cost Savings

By targeting specific Subscribers/ Circles/ Plans/ Demographics for better results at no extra cost

Upsurge in Conversion Rates for Promotions and Campaigns

Such as Upselling High Value Packs / Value Added services leading to increased ARPU

Key Analytics for Data-driven Informed Decision Making

By capturing the digital footprint of subscribers and segmentising them for targeted communication

Targeted Updation of Software

Through targeted campaigns leading to higher percentage of users using the latest software versions / apps

Subscriber Profile Updation

Helps in maintaining updated Subscriber contact information

Personalized Content Preferences for the Users

Leading to higher time on landing portal thereby increasing the subscriber engagement

Churn Prediction and Reduction

Through analysis of various parameters like frequency of connection, recharge patterns, time on site etc