WebsiteForever Overview

WebsiteForever is a Subscriber Engagement, Analytics and Communication Platform for Telecom providers and ISPs. A WebsiteForever powered landing portal is shown to the subscribers whenever they are connecting to the internet through the Dongle, Wi-fi / Mi-fi device and Wired broadband acting as a constant touch point between the Service Providers and the subscribers.

It´s a dream for every Telecom Operator and Internet Service Provider to have an in-depth understanding of their user´s demographics, usage behaviour, expectations, etc. and build a lasting relationship with them. It´s their dream to target different user segments with appropriate offers to reap maximum benefit. The WebsiteForever Subscriber engagement, analytics and communication platform is a proven & time tested solution for the Telecom operators to achieve this dream.

As part of WebsiteForever, a landing portal is configured as a default Start Up / Landing portal for the subscribers. WebsiteForever has complete control as to when and how the Landing portal needs to be shown to the users. The landing portal is optimized for Large screens, Mobile and Tablets as well.

This WebsiteForever portal acts as a perfect platform for Telecom Operators to increase interactions with the subscribers and create better engagement. Since 2010, WebsiteForever runs and manages the landing / start-up portals for some of the nation´s leading telecom operators including Vodafone, MTS, Airtel, Aircel etc.

The following results are guaranteed for the Telecom Providers on implementation of WebsiteForever

  • Every time user connects to the internet they engage 5 to 6 minutes in WebsiteForever (Audited figures)
  • Analytic platform provides valuable insights
  • User management system allows you to target specific user segments at a multi-dimensional level (Example: target students in Delhi or target high ARPU users in all metros)
  • The above three result in guaranteed 1/3 of users clicking on VAS promotions within 30 days(Based on past proven data)
  • Drastically reduce the cost of customer communication and support due to targeted communication and real time alerts

WebsiteForever is a time tested & proven platform to be in constant touch with the customers and engage with them thereby increasing the ARPU, reducing the cost of communication and support and build a lasting relationship with the users at no additional cost.

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