If you have decided to create a website for your business, there are two ways in going about it. You can hire a professional to create a website for your business or you can build it all by yourself. The first option requires a lot and money to get the website done. However, you can pick an ideal website builder and build a website for your business all by yourself in a cost-effective way. 

Here is a list of features you need to check for in a website builder before signing up:

Unlimited Pages

A small business usually requires 3-4 pages – Home, About Us, Contact Us and another page to list the products/services. Make sure the website builder you pick lets you create all the pages you require within 10-15 minutes. But also make sure that the website builder lets you create any number of pages you want.

Easy content update

A website builder should come with ready-to-use pages wherein the user can just pick the page layout and immediately use it on their website. They also should be able to modify the content as per their needs. 

Domain Name and Hosting

You would definitely need a website address like “company.com“, don’t you? Make sure that the website builder you pick helps you purchase the domain name and also allocate hosting space for your site. Instead of relying on different platforms to get the domain name, hosting space and website building done, it would be far convenient to get all set and running in a single platform.

Speed and Performance

Make sure that the website builder you have opted for helps you create websites that load very fast. Be it images or the content on the website, everything should load within a second.

Google-friendly website

Google prefers those sites which are Search Engine friendly. The website builder platform that you pick needs to support you with websites that are SEO-friendly.

Complete Privacy

Privacy has been a major concern in recent times. So, you need to be sure that the website builder you pick protects the information of you and your customers. Check for the strict guidelines and best practices in the domain of privacy and make sure that the website builder meets the standards.

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