Ever wondered what it would take to create your own website? If you are looking to create a website for your business or questioning yourself about the need of a website for your business, you have ended up in the right place. We will walk you through on the easiest way to build a website in just a few minutes all by yourself. 

Getting Started

WebsiteForever is a DIY website builder platform that helps you create your own website within minutes. You just need to enter your Business name and click the “create website” button. You can then pick the number of pages you want on your website – About us, Services, Contact and so on. Once you have picked the pages, you can add content to each and every page on the site. If you already have the content written, all you have to do is copy and paste the content in the required space on individual pages. 

Setting individual pages right

As you add the content on individual pages on the site, you can also include images on the required section of individual pages. There are two ways in which you can add images to the website. You can either do it by uploading images from your computer or you can pick images from our library. WebsiteForever provides users with tons of copyright-free images that us ready to include on your website. You also have the option to check how well the image fits in desktop and mobile view and make fine adjustments. That’s it, your website is ready!

Domain and Hosting

Once your website is ready, you will have to check on the domain name. To make things simple, WebsiteForever has got both within its platform. You can use your previously purchased domain name or buy a name one from WebsiteForever’s database. You need not worry about hosting space as your site is hosted by WebsiteForever and it comes within the attractive monthly plan.

Creating a website for your business has never been so easy and cost-effective as now. Visit the WebsiteForever website, create a website for your business and start building your online presence now!