A website helps promote goodwill among customers and generate business opportunities. For an advertising agency, to the need for a website is unquestionable. An advertising agency would want a website to list information about their business, the services they offer and their contact information. Except the large advertising agencies, most of them would prefer a basic functional website to list all the above-mentioned information. WebsiteForever is a Do-it-yourself website builder that helps you build a website within minutes and get it live immediately. 

The steps to create a website

Enter your website name and get started. You also have the option to add a tagline if you got one. Once done, you can add a “main image” for your advertising website which defines the entire look and feel of the website. You are then given an option to confirm on the website design. Once confirmed, you can move onto picking the list of pages you want on the site. For your advertising website, you could have the about us, services and contact us page in addition to the home page.

Once you have picked the pages, you can then add content on the individual pages of the website. For each and every page, you can add an image as well. If you have the content already written, you can copy and paste it onto each and every page. You have the option to add contact information such as your business email, contact number and contact address onto the page. Once done, you can review the site and save it by signing up with your basic information.

If you have already purchased a domain name for your advertising agency, you can link it to the site you just created using WebsiteForever. If you haven’t yet, then you can purchase it within the website builder tool itself. Going online is the best way to do business in the current digital era. Create a website for your advertising agency now and start building your online presence.