Most businesses, in the small to medium-size segment, do not need those fancy websites. All they need is a basic functional website where visitors can find information. Especially in the case of real estate agents and brokers, they would just want to list information about their properties. For that, a simple functional website that is easy to create and Google-friendly would be more than enough. WebsiteForever helps you create a website that falls under that category. 

How to get started?

You can enter the website name and get started. You also have the option to add a tagline to your site. WebsiteForever also lets you add the main image for your website. Your website design will be based on this main image that you pick. You can crop the image to fine tune its look on desktop or mobile devices and then move on to the next step.

Defining the number of pages

Once you have confirmed on the website design, you can then pick on the number of pages on your site. In addition to your default home page, you can have an about us, services/properties and contact us page. For real estate agents, you can share your experience in this field and the list of properties you have on rent or sale. 

Adding content to the site

Adding content to the website is so easy. If you have already prepared content for each page on the site, you can copy and paste it on the respective pages. For each page, you could set an image. There are two ways in which you can add images on the site. You can either upload it on the site from your device or pick it from the image gallery. WebsiteForever has a large library with images related to any topic you pick. You could search for topics related to “real estate”, pick images relevant to that and add it onto respective pages of the site. On the contact page, you could give information such as your address, email ID and contact number.

Getting the site live

Once the site is created, you can sign up by entering your basic information and save the site. If you have a domain name already purchased, you can link it to the website you just created using WebsiteForever. You need not worry about the hosting space as that is taken care of as well by WebsiteForever.

Want to build a website for your real estate business and improve upon your online presence? WebsiteForever should be your destination.