SSL & HTTPS? Aren’t they the big technical stuff needed only for popular sites with a lot of visitors? If you are a non-techie looking to create your own website, this could be your line of thinking. Beware.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that encrypts all data transmitted between the server and the user using an encryption key. In layman’s terms, an SSL certificate ensures the security of the information transferred between the web server and browser.

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), the secure version of HTTP, is used for communication between your website and the internet browser when your site is secured with an SSL certificate.

Why would my website need SSL & HTTPS?

The following are some reasons that will explain to you why all sites need SSL & HTTPS.

Search Engine Rankings

Just do any Google search, and you’ll notice that nearly all top results begin with an HTTPS URL. Because HTTPS is one of the ranking factors in the Google search algorithm.

Browser Notification

Popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser flag Non-HTTPS Sites as “Not Secure” in the address bar itself.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is about whether the data entered on your site can be tampered with while it’s in transit. If your website is not secure, data integrity can’t be ensured.


Encryption means the security of communication between the client and the server that ensures data integrity.


Authentication helps verify ownership of your website and SSL mandates that. No knowledgeable visitor will enter any personal information into a Non-HTTPS website, which is neither secure nor authenticated.

Now you must have a fair idea about how significant SSL & HTTPS are.

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

Here comes the pitfall. Citing the cost and implementation difficulty of SSL, you could be misled to go for an HTTP website first and then switch to HTTPS later. Don’t be befooled. Switching from HTTP to HTTPS is no easy task. There are a few potential risks that can hinder it.

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