What can be more frustrating to a visitor than a slow loading website?

A slow website is anathema, not only to the visitors of the site but also to search engines like Google. It can make your website rank lower in search engine results, which in turn can lead to fewer visitors to your site. Hence your site must load fast to attract visitors. Faster, the better.

I just did a Google search with the question “How to create a website that loads very fast?”. Here is the list of some of the tips I found.

  • Implement your own content delivery network (CDN)
  • Use adaptive images.
  • Cache, cache, cache.
  • Evaluate your plugins.
  • Combine images into CSS sprites.
  • Enable HTTP keep-alive response headers.
  • Compress your content.
  • Configure expires headers.
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS.
  • Review your hosting package.

It is quite apparent that this is all techie stuff and outside the common man’s realm. Does that mean non-technical people who are looking to create websites of their own can’t build sites that load fast? Then, isn’t it a waste of time to create websites by ourselves if they can’t attract visitors? By and large yes, but not necessarily.

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