The question that pops up in the minds of most freelancers is – “Do I need a website?”

The short answer to that question is “Yes!”

Having a dedicated website for your freelance business is important if you want to stand out from the crowd. A website with all your information stands as a portfolio for your business.  When talking about websites, we aren’t mentioning those feature-packed and fancy ones. For most small and medium businesses, a simple website is more than sufficient. You can create a website for your business within minutes using the website builderWebsiteForever

With WebsiteForever, all you have to do is enter your business name, add a tagline if required, add the website’s main image and click the “create website” button. Based on the main image you have picked, your website design appears. You have two options to choose an image – upload from your device or pick from the gallery. Depending on your field of business, you can search for images and pick the most suitable one.

You can then pick the number of pages on your website. For a freelance business, you can have an about us, services and contact page in addition to the home page. Add content and an image to each page on the site. Add contact information such as an address, phone number and email address to display on the contact page. Once you have added content to all the pages, you can save the website by signing up with your basic information. With WebsiteForever, you get a domain name within the package itself. If you have already purchased a domain name, you can link it to the created website easily. 

With WebsiteForever, you can build a website for your business using your smartphone itself. So, what are you waiting for? Create your website and start building your online presence now.