Today, more people are using mobile devices to access the web than using a laptop or PC. And mobile users spend more than 90% of their time on apps (one or the other). Hence, nowadays, it has become equally imperative for businesses and individuals to have a mobile app also, apart from having a website, to reach out to this new segment of users.

As a non-technical person planning to create a website for yourself, this should undoubtedly bother you. Because regular sites don’t appear well when seen using mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. Hence you should find a website builder that can create websites that will load and look well on the mobile devices also. Further, you should also find a mobile app developer to get a mobile web app developed from your website and published to the app store as well. Apart from increasing the cost multi-fold, this will also complicate your task significantly.

Really scary, right? Don’t bother. WebsiteForever, the world’s easiest website builder, provides you the right solution to this problem. Sites created and published using WebsiteForever are optimized with Responsive web design by default. Responsive Web Design lets your site to hide, resize, shrink, or enlarge automatically, to make it look and perform well on all types of devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones).

Further, WebsiteForever created websites are designed as Progressive Web Apps as well. In other words, without you having to develop a mobile app and publish it to the app store, your website visitors can install it as an app on their mobile and use it like any other app henceforth.

Visit with your web browser and build your website in minutes. WebsiteForever will take care of all other things needed to make your website that doubles as a mobile app as well.