In the education sector, there is heavy competition among colleges and universities. However great your service is, it has become a must for educational institutions to list their talking points in a platform where the public can it. This platform is none other than a “website”. A website helps any university to list their information – history, courses offered, accomplishments, images from recent functions, placement opportunities, hostel facilities and contact information. To list all this information, you need to create a website. A simple and functional website that is Google-friendly would be more than sufficient. WebsiteForever helps you do exactly that!

To get things started, visit the WebsiteForever website (, enter your university name, add a tagline if needed, add the website’s main image and click the “create website” button. There are two ways through which you can add the main image to your site – one is why uploading from your device and the second one is by picking up from the gallery. You can search for any image related to “university” and add it as the main image for your website. This main image will decide the overall design of the website. 

The next step would be to pick the number of pages you need on your website. For a university, you could have an about us, courses, contact us page to start with in addition to the home page. You can add content and an image to every page on the website. You can add your contact details such as email ID, phone number and address that needs to be displayed on the contact us page. Once you have added content for all the pages, you can save the website by signing up using your basic information. You get a domain name within your package itself or you can link your previously purchased domain name to the website you just created.

The main advantage of WebsiteForever is that you can do all the above-mentioned activities using your smartphone itself. Great, isn’t it? Visit now, build your site in a few minutes and start building your online presence.