A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

This is an old adage yet gold. We all love images. A website without images would be boring & most of us would prefer one with a lot of pictures. However, images on your website serve much more purpose than just making your site look good. Here are some reasons why images are essential for your website.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Do you know that images benefit your site’s indexing on search engines like Google? The label captions of your images are useful for SEO purposes also. Good content with the appropriate description of the pictures, with added keywords incorporated, help your website to show up in both web & image searches.

Images draw more attention & trigger a better response.

Ninety percent of the total information that gets transmitted to our brain is visual. Pictures help you to attract attention and guide the visitor’s line of sight. They provide great value in presenting relevant information.

Images Bring Your Site to Life

Images bring your content to life and enable your visitors to imagine and visualize how to utilize it. There lies a great opportunity for sales & to highlight your brand.

Cost of Images

High-quality images are generally expensive because of their exclusivity, releases & indemnification. Nevertheless, some sites offer great-looking images for free also.

If you are a non-techie looking to create your website, the question is how to find nice-looking, free images and put them into your website. WebsiteForever, the world’s easiest website builder, has an inbuilt image search facility with which you can search from over one million high quality & royalty-free images and choose the right kind of ones that are suitable for your website. Further, Websiteforever has a unique feature that lets you select two different views of the same image, one to suit landscape Desktop view and another to suit portrait Mobile view.

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