The question that pops up in the minds of most small and medium businesses is – “Do I need a website for your business?” The answer to this question is an astounding “Yes!”. If you are an insurance agent, then yes, you also need a website. The main benefits of having a website for your insurance product are:

  • Credibility – Most consumers believe that small businesses with a website are more credible than ones with no website. Having a website gives your customers and potential clients a sense of confidence and trust in your products.
  • Referrals – Business opportunities generated through referrals tend to click. With a website, it is easier for a client to refer you to his known circles. All he/she has to do is share your website URL.
  • Advertising – With a website, you can promote your business through Google Ads. 

So, here’s the next question – “How do I create a website for my business?” 

With WebsiteForever, you can build a website for your business in minutes. Visit, enter your business name, add a tagline if needed, upload or pick the website’s main image and click “create website” button. You can pick your website’s main image either by uploading from your device or selecting one from the gallery. This image that you pick will define the entire design of your website. You can then pick the pages you need for your site and start adding content and an image to every page. In the contact page, you can update your number, address and email ID in the respective fields. Once you have added content to all pages on the site, you can save the website by signing up. You get a domain name within the package itself. However, you also have the option to link the currently built website to your previously purchased domain.

WebsiteForever lets you build an entire website using your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Create your website in minutes and start building your online presence.