If you are looking to create your business website by yourself, you have to consider the few other aspects as well, before you start.

Domain Name and Hosting:

You would need a site address like ‘yoursite.com ‘for your website. Apart from a platform for website creation, you need not have to look for different platforms for web hosting and the domain name. The website builder you choose should provide web hosting for your site and also help you purchase the domain name.

Content Privacy:

The website builder you pick should protect your info as well as your customers’ because content privacy has become a concern nowadays. Check for the best practices and guidelines in the Privacy domain and ensure that the site builder fulfills the standards.

Performance and Speed:

Irrespective of the site content or images, the page has to load fast. Ensure that the website builder you have chosen helps create a website that loads in just a second.

Google-friendly websites:

Choose a website builder tool that makes sites that are SEO-friendly because only search Engine friendly sites are preferred in Google search.

Ease of creation:

You would need ready-to-use pages that you can pick and choose for your pages. Check whether the website builder provides ready made layout & content that you can start using immediately.

Content Update Facility:

You should choose the website builder that lets you modify their site content as per their needs, from wherever they are, using whichever device they wish.

Flexibility in pages:

A website for a Small business usually requires not more than four pages to start. But, you may have to create more number of pages in the future. You make sure that your website builder allows you to create as many as you want.

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