If you are running a computer hardware servicing firm, then it is important for you to have a website. A website will help you attract local business opportunities. Moreover, you can list the kind of products you service. Be it laptops, desktops or any other computer hardware, you can mention the products you service along with an image illustrating it. So, here’s the question – how do you create a website for your computer hardware servicing business? Well, if you are looking to build a website that is Google-friendly and cost-effective, then you could check out WebsiteForever.

WebsiteForever is a DIY website builder that lets anyone, even with zero technical knowledge, build a website for their business. So, how do you get started?

Visit websiteforever.com, enter your business name, add a tagline if required and add the website’s main image. You can add the website’s main image by uploading it from your device or pick from the gallery. Search for images related to computer or other hardware stuff and pick any one image from the search results. This image will define the entire design of your website. You can check the preview of the website design and then change it if needed.

Once confirmed, you can pick the pages you need for your site. For a computer hardware servicing firm, you can have an about us page – to list information about your business, products page – to list the products you would service and the contact us page – to list your contact information such as an address, phone number and email ID. In the default home page, you can list information about your business in a crux. Once done, you can save the website by signing up using your basic information. Remember that you can link your previously purchased domain name to the site you just created or you can get a domain name within WebsiteForever’s package itself.

The main advantage of WebsiteForever is that it lets you build websites using your smartphone itself. So, what are you waiting for? Create a website for your business in minutes and get it live immediately.