It depends on the kind of approach we take. In the traditional method, you hire a website developer or a designer to design and develop your website as you want. It is not only expensive but could also time-consuming as it has to have several iterations. Finally, you still may not get the kind of website you expected. Further, you need web hosting, a domain name, SSL security certificate, etc. for your site to become online and secure.

If you choose to create your site this way, you need to put in a lot of coordination with technical people that are challenging. And it also requires a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, choosing WebsiteForever do-it-yourself website builder is the smart way to do the same.

WebsiteForever, the world’s best and easiest website builder, has revolutionized you make the websites. With WebsiteForever, you can create a website in minutes by performing a few simple steps. Everything else needed to make your site publicly available is ensured by WebsiteForever.

Go to using your web browser, provide your website name & add your main image for your website that defines the look and feel of your site. You can also add a tagline if you need it. Then you have the preview of the website design and can change it as well, if not satisfactory. Once you choose the design, you can pick the list of pages you require. For each page you have selected, you can add content and an image as well. If you have the content ready with you, you can paste that for the corresponding pages. You also can enter your contact info such as your business email, contact address & contact number. Then you will have the full preview of your website. If you are happy with it, you can save it by signing up with the necessary details.