There are plenty of website builders in the market right now. You got Wix, WordPress, BigCommerce, Squarespace and a lot of other options. If you are looking to build a website for your business, you are most likely to have gone through these options. Certain platforms demand technical expertise from your end. But there are certain platforms which demand no technical expertise at all. One such platform is WebsiteForever. Using WebsiteForever, you can create a website for your business in minutes. Moreover, this platform is more suitable for small and medium businesses that look at a cost-friendly way to get their website done.

Different audience opts for different platforms depending on their needs and budget. For example, photography professional look to pick Squarespace as their website builder. Anyone looking to build an e-commerce website would look at Shopify. Weebly, WordPress and Wix are website builders that help you create any kind of website. Among the competition, WebsiteForever occupies a niche market. It helps you build a Google-friendly website that is relevant to the current industry standard and also comes in at a pocket-friendly rate. For all those professionals who need a website for their business immediately, WebsiteForever is the way to go.

So, how can you create a website in minutes and get it live immediately with WebsiteForever?

Visit Enter your business name, add a tagline if needed, upload the website’s main image and click “create website” button. The design of your website is based on the website’s main image that you have picked. You can also pick the website’s main image from the gallery. You can then finalise the number of pages you need on your website such as the about us, products/services, contact us or any other page. Add content and an image to every page on the site and save the website by signing up using your basic details.

The main advantage of using WebsiteForever is that you can entire an entire website using your smartphone itself. While there are different website builders available in the market, WebsiteForever comes in like a bang for buck option!